“Pain is Temporary, Awesomeness is Forever!”

Dear student,

As you know, school started again. No more freedom, no more lying in the sun and being lazy will probably be the prospect for almost everyone of us. Sigh… But, do you want that awesome feeling again what you probably felt during your climbing efforts last week? And do you wanna get high? Like climbing high mountains. Wanna get stoned? Like climbing stoney boulders.

Yeah? Then join TilSAC!

TilSAC is the only Student Climbing Club in Tilburg. So, if you’re interested in climbing and if you’re into adventure then we are the club for you! In this information letter you can find all the information you need to come climb with us.

Our club exists of Dutch and foreign students, which makes our club a very interesting one! Above all we organize climbing trips, bbq’s (even when it’s snowing) and create a nice social environment where everybody can be himself.

Take a seat in your favorite chair, sit back and relax to read this information letter. In this letter you find everything you want to know. I hope you’ll have a great time here in Tilburg, especially with us of course. And if you have any questions, please email me at:

See you at the climbing wall !

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