TilSAC has an activity committee that gladly organizes fun events for all members of the association. This means that asides from the training, there is a lot to do when joining TilSAC. None of this is obligated, you can choose whatever you like to participate in. 

Climbing activities

TilSAC is a student climbing association, so of course, our main focus is on climbing. We organize a lot of activities that are related to climbing. You can think of the free climbing Sundays at Neoliet, spontaneous trips to interesting climbing areas and discovering some nice bouldering gyms around the country.

Climbing weekends

But the absolute best activities are the climbing weekends to Belgium, Germany, or France. From the moment the winter is over, we start organizing our trips to the nearby climbing areas such as the Belgian Freyr, Beez, Dave or the German Nideggen or Ettringen. In May, we go on a long weekend to the bouldering area Fontainebleau in France.

The climbing weekends are perfect for experiencing outdoor climbing on real mountains and boulders. These weekends are very relaxed and you’ll get to know the other members even better while staying at the camping.

Sports centre Climbing

TilSAC has member-only climbing sessions at the sports centre every Monday from 19:30-21:00.

For non-members, climbing sessions at the sports centre are available every Wednesday from 18:30-20:30.

To join, you will need to purchase a sports centre membership (, and use the app to book a climbing slot!

Non-climbing activities

TilSAC has a lot of activities that are not related to climbing too. For example, recent activities were a pubquiz, winter barbeque and game nights. We regularly get invited by other climbing association to visit their Dies and of course we’ll organize one ourselves. We got a lot of contact with other student sports associations in Tilburg and like to do fun events together, like pooling or clinics of each other’s sports.